President Trump isn’t without his accomplishments. He has just set a record for the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. The country is at a standstill while lives are disrupted, parks are unmanaged and overflowing with heaps of garbage, federal employees are being told to hold bake sales and garage sales to pay their mortgages. Meanwhile, Congress and the President are still being paid to dig in their designer heels. And in the case of the President, throw twitter-tantrums.

Now, if Trump is indeed an agent of a foreign government as the FBI suspects (aka: Putin’s bitch), then Putin and his minions are toasting and throwing back shots of high-end vodka in their mafia-funded villas. What could be better than Russia’s greatest rival in shutdown, out-of-commission mode?

And the reason for the shut-down? A fabricated crisis at our southern border. Funding for a wall or steel slats that few Americans want, save the white supremacists who fear a river of tan, brown, and black flowing into the US, further diluting the pristine whiteness they hold so dear, and alarmed Fox watchers who envision pitch-forked devil worshippers crossing over to rape and pillage their children and grandchildren. The MAGA-ites, if they were to be brutally honest, are really in favor of MAWA—making American white again.

The irony here is that national security, which is the main reason cited for building Trump’s wall is being threatened by fed up unpaid TSA workers charged with keeping the skies friendly and unpaid and unsupported FBI personnel charged with safeguarding our country. So, the path to so-called national security with a wall is by way of threatening national security? It’s enough to make head-scratchers bald.

The real crisis is not at the border but in the White House. It’s a crisis of conscience. A crisis of competence. A crisis of cognitive functioning. And a crisis of command and control. In other words, the man who would be king is stark raving mad and inept to boot. His inside circle is the real caravan we should fear—mobsters and crooks loyal to the madman. Wondering if I’m overstating the case about the mad king? The President used his first prime-time televised address from the Oval Office to make the case for a symbolic wall that Mexico was never going to pay for and will never be funded or built but whips up his excitable base in a frenzied furor, priming them for his upcoming 2020 Presidential campaign. Ultimately, though, the king’s insatiable need for stroking is what’s fueling his stubborn wall stance. Without constant stroking, he’s nothing but a deflated orange balloon.

The wall fight is Trump’s way of feeding his addiction to adulation, adoration, and glorification. The wall fight is really a fight for his fix. If he surrenders to the Dems, he loses his source. And, like the Wizard of Oz, we see that he is nothing but a small man behind a curtain undeserving of the highest office in the land.

The most strategic placement for the wall is around the President of the United States, for if he is indeed a foreign agent, the greatest threat to national security is Trump himself. Let’s wall him off and watch him sputter and fall.