It’s less than a year until the 2020 election and yet it seems that it has been going on for a year, maybe two, maybe forever. It’s bad when you have election fatigue and the year has yet to start. The dozens of Democratic candidates clamoring for a chance to topple Trump, the ones elbowing their way to the debate stage, the ones spending tens of millions of their own money, all seem like they would be far superior to the crime boss occupying the White House. We’ve got Rhode Scholars, Harvard grads, self-made billionaires, seasoned senators, mayors, and so on. We’ve got passionate, measured, anger-tinged, boyish and brilliant, prosecutorial, and quirky tech candidates.

Why, then, does it feel like, as far as the Democratic ticket goes, all roads lead to Joe? Is it a failure of imagination? Is it fear and trembling that four more years of Trump will bring on the apocalypse? Or is it something else entirely?

Pollsters tell us that Joe has synched the African American vote, Rust Belt voters, some independents, and swing voters. He might even have some portion of GOPers who’ve defected from the Grand Old Party who think that an old white moderate won’t lead this country into a woke, sexual identity politics-driven, socialistic direction. Read: naked ranting hippies on weed wanting free stuff or swarms of refugees from south of the border also wanting free stuff. But mostly there’s a common belief parroted by hard-core establishment Dems and even some progressives that Joe is the only candidate guaranteed to beat Trump, the only one who can win the much-sought-after Midwestern swing voters and centrists.

But is it even true?

The reason I ask is that Hillary was supposed to appeal to Midwestern moderates and African Americans and even though she won the popular vote, she lost in the electoral college to an unqualified, sexist, racist, cheating scoundrel. Forty percent of eligible voters saw the choice and sat out the 2016 election. That’s almost half of American voters who were overcome with apathy by Hillary versus the buffoon.

Here’s the thing: I don’t know one person for whom Joe is their first choice for POTUS. So, who are these people being polled boosting Joe’s poll numbers? Sure, most of my friends say they’d vote for him if he were the candidate. But will the apathetic voters of 2016 sit this one out too if Joe is the candidate?

Every time I watch the debates, and I know I’m not alone, it feels like I’m watching gymnasts compete in the Olympics. You know how you brace yourself, anticipating falls on the beam and uneven bars, crashes on the horse and mat? Similarly, I sit in a pre-cringe, hoping Joe doesn’t say something that reveals he’s dealing with early phases of dementia. Take his record player comment. He said to parents, “Make sure you have the record player on at night.” Vinyl is hip among hipsters, but I’ll bet Joe doesn’t know that. He was tapping into his 1970s record playing years. And, heck, I don’t blame him. Those years were my favorite too, but the world has moved on.

So far it seems Joe is offering this to the American people: I’m Obama’s guy and I’m better than Trump. I don’t have socialistic leanings like Bernie and Warren. But who is Joe Biden, really? If we vote for him, will we get Obama 2.0 or just the anti-Trump agenda? Granted, both would be better than what we have now, but just because things are careening toward the abyss, does that mean we have to play it safe in the voting booth?

History tells us that playing it safe isn’t really safe. Case in point: Gore, Romney, Kerry. So, what if we remind ourselves that Uncle Joe actually isn’t safe and that a candidate with a bolder vision for America and the fire power to make it happen is? Once the crowded Democratic field winnows, we’ll be less distracted. Then we’ll be able to rally behind the bold choice the Democrats will offer American voters in 2020.