The world has gone mad. Hillary Clinton is accusing Tulsi Gabbard, a pacifist surfing congresswoman of being a Russian asset and a friend of Assad. Thinking about how her aloha spirit aligns with genocide and authoritarianism is enough to make your head explode. Hillary’s claim is either a crazy conspiracy theory or evidence she has her hands on some hot intel the rest of us aren’t privy to. And if it’s intel, shouldn’t she just tell us that? Rabid, self-righteous Still and Forever Hillary types are saying of course Tulsi is a Russian asset. Duh. And they are attacking everyone on social media, left, right, and center. Three years out, they still hold a grudge against Bernie, Jill Stein, Jim Comey, Putin, Russia, polling stations, and progressives for denying HRC of the crown she deserved. It was her time after all! They won’t admit that if an incompetent, narcissistic, corrupt, racist buffoon could beat her, she was a weak candidate. Yes, I said it. Their social media trolling smacks of Russian-backed attempts to drive a wedge between moderate Dems and progressives, thus dividing the party and giving Trump a second term. (God forbid. In fact, if there were a god, she would forbid it.)

We have a so-called President who has committed so many impeachable offenses, those on the left have lost count and those on the right don’t care. That President, in his latest foreign policy disaster, claims everyone is happy even though we’ve pulled the plug on the Kurds, our long-time ally in fighting ISIS, to which his daughter-in-law said, “No one knows who the Kurds are, so whatevs.” Her stunningly heartless and ignorant response sums up how many Americans feel about groups of people they’ve never heard of or can’t locate on a map—which is almost everyone except for themselves. They certainly don’t have time to delve into the issues, because they have Netflix series to binge-watch and things to buy on Amazon Prime to keep the capitalist machine humming. They’re so busy binge-watching and buying stuff they don’t notice the continuing slow-motion heist by the billionaires at the top who don’t yet have enough. Really? How much do they need? They’re apparently not going to stop until they have all the riches. Hoarders are psychologically disturbed unless they’re hoarding lots and lots of money and then they’re gods.

The gods must be crazy. And so are the men.

We’ve got Bernie Sanders, an octogenarian who just suffered a heart attack on the campaign trail as the frontrunner for the Democratic Presidential nominee buoyed by younger voters. In other words, they don’t care that he’s as old as their grandpa. The we-should-vote-for-him-cuz-he’s-the-only-person-who-can-beat-Trump candidate, Joe Biden, seems to be tragically suffering from the early phases of dementia, disqualifying him for the highest office in the land. But, in the bizarro land we’re living in, deranged thinking doesn’t disqualify the person who currently holds the office. And that person is playing Santa Claus to our former enemy—Putin—granting him everything on his wish list. Apparently “naughty or nice” doesn’t apply to him. So far, the theories on Trump’s motivation to be traitorous are a combo of Russian hookers with dirt, golden showers, debts to Russian oligarchs, and authoritarian envy.

It’s raining plastic, the Amazon is burning, the rising oceans are the Earth’s waste bins, air is unbreathable, glaciers are melting way faster than predicted, bees are croaking in record numbers, millions of species are going extinct, and some believe that banning plastic straws will save the planet.

Meanwhile, in Hollywood, a former Desperate Housewife is serving prison time for a college admissions scandal over her partying daughter who couldn’t of her own merit get into an Ivy League school, a storyline so bizarre even the writers of the once-popular series couldn’t have come up with it. Of course, her prison time is quaint in that it’s a two-week slap on the wrist when men and women who’ve committed far less crimes are serving time for decades. But she’s rich, white, and a celebrity.

What the hell is going on? Is this what happens in late-stage capitalism? According to Wikipedia Late-stage capitalism, is a term first used in print by German economist Werner Sombart. Since 2016, the term has been used to refer to perceived absurdities, crises, injustices, and inequality created by modern business development. Annie Lowrey in the Atlantic writes, “Late capitalism, in its current usage, is a catchall phrase for the indignities and absurdities of our contemporary economy, with its yawning inequality and super-powered corporations and shrinking middle class.”

Here’s the thing: we need to stop. We need to unplug. We need to resist predatory capitalism. We need to stop producing and buying more stuff. We need to stop consuming crazy-ass news that drives ratings that makes ad-buyers happy. We need to stop perpetuating conspiracy theories. We need to learn who the Kurds are and why they matter. We need to stop attacking each other. We need to find common ground. We need to let go of Hillary and her ilk—so-called safe candidates who lose—and embrace a bold, new vision for America—one in which people don’t have a price tag. We need to remember who we were before everyone was for sale.